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Business Wire | “eFileCabinet Continues Triple Digit Growth, Secures Over 2,400 New Customers in 2015”

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Growth Driven by Series B Investment, Product Adoption and Industry Expansion

eFileCabineteFileCabinet, the leading enterprise content management (ECM) solutions provider for SMBs today, announced record momentum and growth for 2015. During 2015, the company grew 133%, secured more than 2,400 new customers, signed new strategic partnerships with organizations including Sage Software and secured series B funding from Allegis Capital and Signal Peak Ventures. Additionally, the company introduced a robust API that has enabled eFileCabinet to offer strong technology integration capabilities and build new partnership and market opportunities in several industries.

paperless“2015 was a banner year for eFileCabinet. New product releases, flexible pricing options and adding incredible talent to our team really fueled our explosive growth,” said Matt Peterson, President and CEO of eFileCabinet. “For 2016, we see the market opportunity for our ECM solutions to continue to grow and expand into new markets and we are well positioned to capitalize on those opportunities.”

Available in the cloud or as an on-premise platform with an accompanying mobile app, eFileCabinet automates the process of organizing, managing and sharing files. The platforms help ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA, SEC/FINRA and GLB, and integrate with popular office software applications including Salesforce, Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. eFileCabinet products are used by more than 160,000 users worldwide to provide simple but effective document management solutions.

About eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet, Inc. offers a suite of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and services that help organizations work smarter and more collaboratively. The company’s products and services enable businesses to capture, store, manage, share, and protect valuable data while helping them meet regulatory compliance requirements from governing bodies such as HIPAA, GLB and SEC/FINRA. eFileCabinet is the trusted choice for more than 160,000 users worldwide to manage and protect their valuable and confidential data. Learn more at http://www.efilecabinet.com.

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“eFileCabinet Continues Triple Digit Growth, Secures Over 2,400 New Customers in 2015.” Business Wire, 14 Jan 2016. Web. 14 Jan 2016.

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Business Wire | “eFileCabinet Announces New CFO and Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Business Development”

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eFileCabinet, Inc. is pleased to announce two important additions to the eFileCabinet team. Alan Taylor has accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer, and Greg Staley is the new Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Business Development. Taylor assumes the CFO role previously held by Jeff Coulter, who will now serve as COO of the company.


Both Taylor and Staley come to eFileCabinet with vast experience as accomplished professionals in their respective fields. Most recently, Taylor comes from Adaptive Computing Enterprises, and also has experience working with companies like Helius, Novell, Honeywell, Ford Motor Company, and Boeing. In addition to his twenty plus years of management and operating experience, he brings with him a keen understanding of financial systems and software as well as extensive finance personnel recruiting experience.

Staley is a highly experienced sales leader with a focus in the Enterprise and SaaS software industries. He served as the Director of Sales for Workfront (formerly AtTask) where he led multiple top producing sales teams, and his work experience also includes Oracle Corporation, Infor Global Solutions, and Symantec Corporation. He is an award-winning, result-driven leader focused on long-term, repeatable success.

“We are extremely pleased with these additions to our eFileCabinet team,” says Matt Peterson, CEO. “They are both incredibly capable and bring talent, value and expertise in their fields. Alan and Greg will play key roles in helping us provide the very best service and solutions for continued success, as we remain committed to being a leader in the ECM industry. We look forward to working with them and seeing great things happen at eFileCabinet.”

About eFileCabinet, Inc.

eFileCabinet, Inc. offers a suite of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and services that help small to medium sized organizations work smarter and more collaboratively. The company’s products and services enable businesses to capture, store, manage, share, and protect valuable data while helping them meet regulatory compliance requirements from governing bodies such as HIPAA, GLB and SEC/FINRA. eFileCabinet is the trusted choice for more than 160,000 users worldwide to manage and protect their valuable and confidential data. Learn more at http://www.efilecabinet.com.

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“eFileCabinet Announces New CFO and Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Business Development.” Business Wire, 7 Jan 2016. Web. 8 Jan 2016.

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TechCrunch | Microinsurance Is The Answer To The Insurance Industry

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Let’s be real. The insurance industry has barely evolved since Benjamin Franklin introduced the concept in the late 1700s.

You’d think after three hundred years and a market size of $1 trillion in the United States alone, insurancecompanies like MetLife and AIG would have nailed it. But they haven’t. Instead, they’ve left millions of Americans paying toward deductibles they’ll never use.

Once known for consistency and stability, insurance companies have quickly found themselves at a crossroads — either stay the course or adapt to change (as seen in the banking, transportation and the food services industries).

Ideally, it’s the latter.

With millennials on track to spend more than $200 billion by the beginning of 2017, bold and scalable moves need to be made if insurance companies want to avoid becoming the next print publisher.

So, how can insurance companies act fast and intelligently? The answer is simple: microinsurance.

Follow The Lead Of Key Investors

Since 2010, investors have funneled more than $2 billion in venture capital into the insurance-tech industry; they are betting on startups’ new approaches to a landscape that has remained virtually stagnant.

Sequoia Capital recently took a step forward in microinsurance — small, rapidly underwritten financial protection against a specific risk over a relatively short period of time. The firm recently invested in Lemonade, a startup focusing on bringing peer-to-peer insurance to the masses.

Felicis Ventures-backed Metromile lets drivers only pay for the coverage they need, rather than commit to a lengthy policy that often goes unused.

Rather than blanketing an entire entity like a car or health with a lengthy, lifetime policy, investors are looking for companies that are trying to focus on events like a car ride or doctor’s appointment to insure instead — e.g.,microinsurance.

Explore New Kinds Of Insurance

Customers and businesses are desperately seeking workable solutions to their problems. Withmicroinsurance, they have the ability to handpick features that offer the right amount of financial protection for the shortest period of time.

Take Opendoor, the startup radically changing the way we buy and sell homes. Not only does the company buy your home over the web instantly and let you close in three days, they also guarantee handling every aspect of the tedious escrow process for you, saving you time, money and headaches.

We’ve also seen companies like Oscar that, in less than five minutes via mobile, connect users with quality and easily accessible healthcare insurance.

Affirm and Klarna offer a new form of consumer financing during checkout, insuring the seller against any defaults in payment.

Adapt To Changing Behavior

Technology innovation has exploded in the last 100 years. In the last two decades alone, millennials have especially grown up in an era of rapid change. They’ve gone from tech ground zero to a thriving tech ecosystem — addressing any and every problem one can imagine.

There also has been a shift in thinking. Millennials want access to cars and houses, but don’t want the responsibility of owning them. In fact, a Goldman Sachs report states that 60 percent of millennials would prefer to rent things like homes and cars rather than own them.

Insurance companies now need to insure the sharing economy, from Airbnb renters to Zipcar users. And anything that is shared needs to be protected. This is where insurance technology comes in. It is the next frontier for companies to tackle.

Put Data And Technology To Use Now

Given that more than 90 percent of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years, theinsurance industry is sitting on an unprecedented amount of data. Accenture found that 78 percent of customers would be willing to share personal information with insurance companies in return for benefits like lower premiums or faster claims settlements.

IoT sensors are helping insurance companies go from watching historical data trends to creating actionable insights that will allow microinsurance policies to be deployed quickly.

Expensive data sets such as car history or public records that used to previously be locked behind corporate firewalls are now available via APIs.

Access to real-time data from IoTs and APIs, combined with advancements in machine learning,will allow fintech startups to tailor protection on an ongoing basis, taking into account unique factors and circumstances, and providing a more personalized microinsurance policy.

Disrupt Existing Regulations

The insurance industry is deeply rooted in regulations. Insurance companies are legally required to maintain statutory reserves, liabilities with respect to their unmatured obligations (i.e., expected future claims). The longer the exposure period, the larger these reserves must be. With microinsurance, the exposure periods are focused on short-term events, reducing exposure and therefore limiting the need for reserves.

Other industries have recently seen similar disruption. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have sidestepped onerous municipal rules that govern short-term lodging and taxicab services by describing themselves as communications platforms for people who want to rent out their spare bedrooms or the passenger seats in their cars.

Leveraging microinsurance, fintech startups will take the lead not just in rethinking this antiquated insurance system, but also creating completely new kinds of insurance that will meet the dynamic needs of millennials. And perhaps the leading voice for insurance companies won’t be a gecko or a pig anymore, but a unicorn.

Do you think microinsurance is the future for fintech companies? I look forward to hearing your comments in the section below.


Find more at TechCrunch:

“Microinsurance is the Answer to the Insurance Industry.” TechCrunch, 29 Dec 2015. Web. 7 Jan 2016.



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Business Wire | Signifyd Announces Bill McKiernan, Founder of CyberSource, to it’s Board

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McKiernan led CyberSource Corporation to its $2 billion acquisition by Visa



Signifyd, the fastest-growing provider of fraud protection services for e-commerce businesses, today announced that Bill McKiernan, founder of Visa subsidiary CyberSource Corporation, will be assuming a role on Signifyd’s Board. McKiernan’s expertise in the payments and fraud management space as well as his experience with building and growing startups will be invaluable as Signifyd continues to accelerate growth and expand its team.


billmckiernan “We’re thrilled to have Bill on our Board, as his knowledge of e-commerce and fraud will benefit our business as a whole,” said Rajesh Ramanand, CEO and co-founder of Signifyd. “Bill’s strategic thinking is exactly in line with how we want to approach the new year and his insights will help take Signifyd to the next level through updates to our services, new partnerships and more.”

In 1994, Bill McKiernan founded CyberSource Corporation and served as its CEO until 2010, when the company was acquired by Visa for $2 billion. The acquisition is one of the largest in Visa’s history, and at the time CyberSource was handling over $120 billion per year in payments volume representing approximately 25 percent of online transactions in the United States. Following the acquisition, McKiernan served as an Executive Advisor for Visa until 2012. He currently serves as the President of WSM Capital LLC.


“I’ve been involved with various companies throughout my 30 plus years in the industry, and I’m particularly excited to start contributing to Signifyd this year,” said Bill McKiernan. “They are revolutionizing fraud management with their financial guarantee and providing peace of mind to online merchants. This is an important advancement to a massive market. Signifyd is doing something in the industry that is rare and incredibly beneficial for e-commerce businesses, essentially ending the era of chargebacks, and I am looking forward to collaborating with the company.”


Signifyd’s multi-faceted approach to fraud prevention surpasses the results an internal fraud team could achieve by blocking fraudulent transactions so fraud is virtually invisible to the merchant. By guaranteeing payments to merchants in the event of fraud for all approved transactions, Signifyd levels the playing field between online and brick-and-mortar retail businesses through fraud protection combining domain expertise with machine learning.
About Signifyd

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Signifyd was founded by Raj Ramanand and Mike Liberty, a team of veteran risk and fraud experts from PayPal, to help online businesses prevent payment fraud. Signifyd’s full-service cloud platform simplifies fraud detection through a financial guarantee, allowing businesses to increase sales while reducing fraud losses. Signifyd is in use by multiple companies on the Fortune 1000 and Internet Retailer Top 500 list. The Company is backed by top tier Venture Capital firms such as Allegis Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Data Collective, IA Ventures, Lucas Ventures, QED Investors, Resolute VC and Tekton Ventures.


For more information on Signifyd, please visit https://www.signifyd.com



VSC for Signifyd
Kayla Abbassi


  • Headquarters: San Jose, CA
  • Website:www.signifyd.com
  • CEO: Rajesh Ramanand
  • Employees: 50
  • Organization: PRI


Find more at BusinessWire:

“Signifyd Announces Addition of Bill McKiernan, Founder of CyberSource Corporation, to its Board.”  7 Jan. 2016. Web.

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…often stays in Vegas. But not this time!

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We just came back from the AWS Re:invent conference in Vegas.  The show has been excellent for us.  Overall we see increasing enterprise interest in cloud and AWS.  And AWS continues to impress with the breadth of their offering.  The show felt very centered around AWS as an Enterprise PaaS vendor with new platforms, database and analytics offerings. For Bracket, the highlight was clearly an event we held with Don Duet from Goldman Sachs.  The topic was “Blue print for the data center of the future”.  It was a fireside chat with Don and I.  We had 125  customers and prospects in the room.

Don was amazing.  Shared his vision for the data center of the future and how Bracket plays a critical role.  We talked for about 45 minutes then opened it for questions.  There were tons of questions – way more then we could answer which is a great sign.  That seminar has had a ripple effect – we are starting to hear other customers tell us they talked to Goldman.  It’s also notable that while 125 people came to the event, we probably invited several hundred people live at the show and thousands by email.  Even those that don’t come make the association of Goldman and Bracket.  That’s powerful marketing!

We had a suite for customer briefings and it was full constantly – we had to use Chris Pappas’ hotel room room for overflow meetings a few times.  The interest level seems higher then ever.  The new Bracket software edition was particularly well received because folks that are at the show are already on the AWS platform so having an easy add-on for world-class security and data management sounds appealing.  We got several new software beta candidates, plus we are building up our sales pipeline.

We have been working hard at getting the word out about this vision for the new data center.  The attached press release announcing our series C funding is an excellent vehicle for that.  It will hit the wire tomorrow.

Thanks all for the support!

More to come…

Tom Gillis

Allegis Capital Venture Partner / Founder and CEO, Bracket Computing

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Sage and eFileCabinet Partner to Offer Accountants One Comprehensive Business Management Platform

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Sage Summit – NEW ORLEANS (July 28, 2015) – Sage, a leading provider of business management software and services to Small & Medium Businesses, today announced it is partnering with eFileCabinet, the leading hosted electronic document management (EDM) solutions provider, to help accountants move away from the time-consuming and costly processes of manually scanning, storing, managing and sharing records and documents.

The partnership will enable users of Sage Impact cloud-based platform to sign up for and use the eFileCabinet cloud document management solution from within the Sage Impact dashboard.

Sage Impact is the accountants’ everyday business management platform and go-to for access to payroll, accounting, financial management, business intelligence, community, new business leads and more, all managed in one central hub. More than 150,000 users worldwide rely on eFileCabinet document management solutions to provide simple but effective document management solutions. eFileCabinet’s document management solutions are designed to help organizations capture, manage and protect their data regardless of industry.

“Partnering with eFileCabinet will provide our users with a secure document management system that will enable them to be more productive, save and free up time to focus on profitability and their clients,” said Jennifer Warawa, global vice president of product marketing for accountants at Sage.

“Our recent research has shown that nearly one in five firms view cloud document management as being a tool that would significantly improve management of their firm; yet more than 20% feel as though their needs aren’t being addressed today,” added Warawa. “We recognize the importance of meeting the needs of accountants by either creating those solutions ourselves or through strategic partnerships, and in this case eFileCabinet provides a great solution that will benefit our accountants.”

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Exclusive: cybersecurity startup RedOwl raises $17 million series b

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This Baltimore cybersecurity startup routs insider threats.


by  Robert Hackett, Fortune.com – Jul 13, 2015 – Sure, Guy Filippelli did a stint with the National Security Agency. As a member of that spy team, he helped re-architect how the agency disseminated intelligence to military officers. But that’s not where Filippelli cut his teeth. “Actually, the army was much more formative for me,” the CEO and founder of cybersecurity startup RedOwl tells Fortune. In late 2001, Filippelli, by then a West Point grad with experience in computer science, had been gearing up for the United States’ post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan. The military’s intelligence apparatus was technologically lacking at the time, he says, and so the top brass selected a few young army officers to run software engineering teams, to boost officers’ decision-making capabilities. That’s when Filippelli got his start.

“In the army, nobody is gathering intelligence just to gather intelligence,” he says, hinting at an essential difference between the missions of his former employers. “An army intelligence team’s goal is to quickly get data together and to turn that into information that can be actioned in support of a decision on the battlefield.” The job entails gathering relevant details quickly, correctly, and serving them up to the leaders devising strategies. During conflict, lives depend on it.

Today, Filippelli is applying that insight at RedOwl, a cloud-based behavioral analytics software company he founded in 2011 after leaving the public sector. The Baltimore, Md.-based firm specializes in bringing together disparate streams of data within an organization. They could include activity on the IT network, email exchanges, and other sources of data, in order to help companies mitigate insider risk—which could manifest as a rogue, sloppy, or compromised employee, for example.

On Monday, RedOwl will announce that is has raised a $17 million Series B round of funding, bringing total funding to nearly $30 million so far. Participants in the latest round include Allegis Capital, a venture capital firm, which led the raise, as well as Blackstone Group, the private equity firm, and angel investor Marc Benioff, the founder and CEO of sales-tool giant Salesforce. The company already has a relationship with In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Soon after contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked a trove of NSA internal documents in 2013, Filippelli says that RedOwl’s appeal leaped from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” among potential customers. The company’s flagship product, “reveal,” monitors users, spots anomalies, predicts malfeasance, and gives the operators a chance to stop data heists before they happen.

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eFileCabinet Review: Best Mobile Document Management

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By Chad Brooks, Business News Daily Senior Writer June 3, 2015 02:04 pm EDT


After much research and analysis of document management systems, we recommend eFileCabinet Online as the best document management system for businesses with a remote workforce. Ready to choose a document management system? Here’s a breakdown of our complete coverage:

Document Management System Buyer’s Guide

Roundup: The Best Document Management Systems

REVIEW: Best for Small Businesses

REVIEW: Best for Businesses on a Budget

REVIEW: Best for Businesses Using Windows

REVIEW: Best for Businesses Using Macs

Why eFileCabinet Online?

Remote Access
eFileCabinet Online can be used from any location. Unlike on-premises systems that that need to be specially configured to be accessed from outside the office, this cloud-based solution is easily tapped into from any computer with an Internet connection. This gives your employees full access to the system, whether they’re working in your office, from home or any other remote location.

What’s nice is that eFileCabinet Online allows employees to have access to the entire system, not just pieces of it. While some of the other systems we analyzed offered remote access, not all of them provided full functionality from outside the office. This system works exactly the same regardless of where you’re working.

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