3 Key Words: People, People, People.

These are the most important words that capture what’s integral to our success at Allegis. People and entrepreneurs are the soul of our firm, and the core of our existence. We like people who are “all-in”. We like to syndicate with other top tier venture firms that share our values and “hands-on” approach to partnering with entrepreneurs. Our syndication network with other VCs, corporate VC investors, and corporations is core to how we move the needle to our companies. We work with the many of the same people time and time again. Many of our entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs. When you find something that works, keep doing it.


What Makes Allegis Capital Different


Entrepreneur Resources


Our criteria for capital

We are seed and early-stage investors.  We are often the first investor in a start-up company.  When meeting entrepreneurs, we are not looking for a 50 slide Powerpoint presentation with 5 year financial projections.  We are looking to get to know you, understand your vision, why you think you can win and how we can potentially help you succeed. 


The most common reasons startups fail.

Founders blame investors, investors blame CEOs, CEOs blame research and development (R&D), R&D say the product is fine, the market just doesn’t get it, and marketing people blame it all on the recession. Some startups succeed, yet so many fail, and it’s failure that teaches us the best lessons. What are the main reasons why startups fail?